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Counterfeit Canadian Dollars

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California Bills Co.Ltd is a US based counterfeit making company with the record of delivering very high quality counterfeit bills that can not be detected by even the best money detecting machine.

If you have been wondering where you could buy counterfeit money which looks just like the government money then worry no more because you are at the right venue.

We produce perfectly and accurately manufactured notes that have stood the test of time, second to no other company when it comes to quality.

We take all appropriate security measures to ensure both our company and our clients are safe from police brutality. We package bills in camouflaged containers and always ensure we have an eye in the police and custom.

If you are really interested to buy, then just place an order and allow the rest for us. Its is your duty to order but its are responsibility to ensure your security in our deals and we must do just that.

Buy counterfeit money from us and get a pleasant experience like never before. We are the best and we trust our quality.

8 reviews for Counterfeit Canadian Dollars

  1. Kathy

    I will recommend this to my friends. Got mine recently!

  2. Kurt W

    Product description was perfect. Great product. Price was very competitive.
    Their notification process on where the order was is very impressive! 4 star

  3. Trevor Watson

    unlimited chooses and shop was very well decorated . services was very essential.

  4. Clifford Hinton

    Your product is of very high quality. I have never ordered from your company before, but be certain there will be more orders in the future.

  5. Dennis

    I liked the bills . Website could be a little easier to search for products. Thanks

  6. Dairo Gay

    I love this company! quickly and they are AMAZING!! Best quality bills I have ever had!!! I will definitely be buying all my bills from them from now on

  7. Tara Wood

    wanted to ask a question I was worried about,and i got a straight answer,which eased my mind.”

  8. Jay Bilzerian

    Very easy and quick transaction. I had lots of questions and they were very helpful.

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