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Counterfeit US Dollars

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California Bills Co.Ltd is a US based counterfeit making company with the record of delivering very high quality counterfeit bills that can not be detected by even the best money detecting machine.

If you have been wondering where you could buy counterfeit money which looks just like the government money then worry no more because you are at the right venue.

We produce perfectly and accurately manufactured notes that have stood the test of time, second to no other company when it comes to quality.

We take all appropriate security measures to ensure both our company and our clients are safe from police brutality. We package bills in camouflaged containers and always ensure we have an eye in the police and custom.

If you are really interested to buy, then just place an order and allow the rest for us. Its is your duty to order but its are responsibility to ensure your security in our deals and we must do just that.

Buy counterfeit money from us and get a pleasant experience like never before. We are the best and we trust our quality.

14 reviews for Counterfeit US Dollars

  1. Carol

    I was really impressed with the wide selection and the ease of ordering. The prices are very competitive.

  2. jennifer

    I’ve ordered twice and both times received the next day! Today it’s very snowy and I still got it on time. Super happy 🙂

  3. Tony V

    My experience with CB was a good one I must confess. They have very good prices for counterfeit grade A bills and I was really skeptical . Their services are fast and discreet as they say it is. It is a must go to for your first time shopping for counterfeit online.

  4. Jennifer Eden

    All I did for for trial purpose but they came through with all I ordered,time cautions and very friendly 😊

  5. Tracey

    Smooth transaction. Easy process. Easy to find what you are looking for exactly on their site with the filters. Can’t wait to get my notes and see just how much I love it.

  6. Paul Traynor

    My purchase was exactly what I expected and I’m very happy with it as it’s a present and I know it will be very much well received , thank you

  7. Rob Fisk

    Very speedy delivery – top quality products and exemplary service!

  8. Jake

    I ordered on Friday, arrived the following Monday.Thank you so much Californiabills, It looks great as well, we’ll definitely order more when the time comes. 🙂

  9. Dianna Bryce

    Great website if you are looking for quality notes and they’ve got a very friendly customer service, and they always deliver my package on time but what I do not like is their payment methods

  10. Joel Lee

    I completely don’t understand how to write my dissertation. I was worried to order there, after a negative experience at a similar website. But Californiabills saved me.

  11. Richard Martin

    I personally loved their service. It was always consistent and if anything ever happened, they would fix it within a few minutes. I will definitely be using their service again!


    I honestly was very nervous about buying my fake bills online. But Californiabillscoltd is so easy to manage and the costumers service is excellent. Delivery was prompt and safe. Definitely getting my next order from them

  13. Robert Fisher

    Outstanding quality notes ! Exceeded my expectations and my friend loved them too!

  14. Jacosalem Gilhmar

    At first i wasn’t sure if the website is legit . as i add the selling on discord he walk me through how to pay and what not. the selling was quick and fast would definitely buy again 🙂 thank you for my fast bought 🙂

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